Friday, February 14, 2014

Being Grateful on this Day.....

The Best Blessing of my life~~~

I know its Valentines Day~~ a time of romance, flowers,candy,flowers~~~Cards expressing Love and   Care for each other, but for me~~it is truly a day of being Grateful in so many ways!  As I reflect  back over the years and all the major Health Scares I had~~I give THANKS to the LORD for my still being here--alive and able to laugh, cry, fuss, and simply be with my fantastic Husband!

We met  the 2nd weekend of Sept. 1973~~~yes, I know there are much younger ones out there  who see that year and think--"When was that, and Wow, she must be really OLD!"     Well, yes we are both Older, but when I pause and go back to the exact moment we met----it seems like just a few  moments  ago, as I was with a group of  High School Girl  pals and walking through the grounds  of a large Chili  Cookoff.  One of them mentioned something about 'Look  at that bunch of  good-looking guys  over there"  and when I turned--there He was!!

They were a bit cautious about walking up to meet these guys and all I could  say was, "I  would really like a sample  of Chili"  and off I went.  Of  course there He  was when I  walked up to ask for  a sample of  Chili and we started talking~~as if  we had known each other forever.   Two hours  passed  and it was time for me to  re-connect with my friends, I gave him  the phone number of where  I was  staying and we  both agreed to see each other at a dance planned later that night.

The  dance came and went-I never saw him and got up  early the next morning,  heading back home.  My  friends told me later they had a very "early morning"  phone call from some guy who was looking for me!!  He finally convinced them  of who he  was  and  they gave him my home  number.
I recall  my Mom asking me about my weekend and I  told her "I met this guy, very nice  and he had the happiest SMILE  I  had ever seen!"   She listened quietly, said  nothing and within a couple  of hours, the phone rang and YAHOO--it was Matt!!  We arranged to go  out the following weekend and as our  first  date came to  a  close,  I  asked him  "Why did you want to go  out  with me?"  He looked at me, no stumble-just complete assurance and said, " Cause I  think I love  you!"

We dated for 1 1/2 years--he proposed  to me on Christmas Eve,  1974 and we married  on April 26th, 1975!!   My Mom told  me shortly after we met that she knew  I  had  met  the man I  would  spend  the  rest  of  my Life  with!

I don't feel  our  meeting was an  accident~~~about three weeks before I met Matt,one day I put  my head  down and went to The Lord in prayer---I asked him to "Please"  bring me a Man who would Love me for the person I am,  someone who would  respect  me  and Love  me Forever........

My Prayer was  answered.....I hope  we  grow  very Old  together, and I could not begin to  imagine  my Life  without him.......   

Blessings to all on this day... 



  1. Somehow I missed this post so glad I was checking out some blogs today. such a sweet story is evident he took serious the vow, for better or worst. How this generation needs to see this kind of commitment from us older ones. Our two loves telling others how long we have been married since we were 17 when we got married. In some ways I am glad we did not have them till after some of those very tough years. I tell if we ever get down your way I am going to look you up and we will meet face to face.

  2. my Dear Betty--
    Thank you for the loving words... I have been away from blogging as I recently became seriously ill and my dear husband was by my side constantly. We spent several days at the hospital with him sleeping in a chair--but never leaving my side!! That is LOVE--plain and simple... He got me home today, both of us exhausted from my being so ill--and I thank GOD to know this man will always be by my side, and I will stand by him........