Friday, May 11, 2012

An Early Mother's Day Post.

I had planned on posting this closer to Mom's Day but for whatever reason, my heart seemed to say, "just go ahead and put your words out there"-in many ways, I think we could say Each day is a Mom Day-but this one approaching asks us to give Pause and be Thankful for All Moms. 

Mothers Day is special-no mistaking that-almost feeling like we need to give a  "shout out"  to say "God Thank You for Giving Us Moms"-yes, none of us Moms are perfect-some we  gladly  hold up as a wonderful example, others we "hear" about and our hearts ache, for these are  Moms who somehow got off  track of loving a child-and the stories are too many and filled with  heartbreak.  Even these Moms need a prayer-for God to help heal the damage within them.  A prayer should also be said for all women out there, not yet experiencing the Role of Mom-only dreaming about it, living with the sad ache in their hearts.

So after some thought, I decided to share about Two Moms that have played a huge role in my life: I start with my dear Mom-in-law who I simply knew as Aggie-we formed a bond that moved so far past the daughter in-law/Mom-in-law relationship-God blessed me with a wonderful Friend!  We laughed together over things that nobody else would find funny, she taught me lessons that at the time-perhaps I thought  why is she telling me this" and yet years later, the meaning of her words came home and suddenly I knew-she had been passing on her message to me, hoping I had listened, because Aggie was taken from us too soon-her life ending from the violence of Murder!  Yet  after her death, it seemed she was still telling us "you must learn to forgive" and even in the sorrow of losing this amazing woman, I heard those words in my heart and try to follow the amazing example of this fantastic woman.

Now for my Mom-well she was one of a kind-there is no other way to put it and I have started to see some 
of her amazing sense of humor in my  Own crazy "You would not believe what just happened stories" and think, how she must be smiling down, as I now am truly learning the deep value of humor in my life. There are so many memories of this woman- I could fill the pages of her unusual antics-but the other side of her warms my heart-I have a vivid memory of seeing her sitting up late at night, in her favorite chair, with a very worn Bible in her lap, pages torn from being looked at over and over.  One night I asked  what her favorite part of the Bible was-she paused for a second and said "Every page!  As I read at night, I am also sitting here and praying for each of my children-I never miss a night on doing that!" It touched me and is now a lesson passed on as I pray for my Son each night.

I grew up on a farm and if we had one Cat, it seemed like we had ten of them-and for reasons only known by my Mom, she did Not take a shining toward them! When meal-time arrived and a grandchild needed a highchair, there was nobody more inventive then Moma- suddenly she would reach into some hidden corner and be stacking some of the oldest phonebooks possible-one on top of the other, usually taking at least six-eight of them-and finishing the job by carefully planting the grandchild as the crowning Top of this creation!
It worked for her,  a child Never fell and the meal began and we all cherished this Special HighChair created by the love of a GrandMother.

My young son got to witness the bad  relationship between Mom and Cats up close one night-as we were all sitting and eating, everything relaxed and easy when suddenly-the Cats arrived to start climbing up the Screen Door-almost a way of letting my Mom know-"Heh-we can smell good cooking-feed us too!"
Suddenly Mom had leaped from her chair, grabbed a Broom and was swinging at those Cats as if her very life depended on it!  To this very day, I can still  see my young son-his blue eyes Huge with Wonder-probably thinking "Wow, Granny can really Swing A Broom" and then just as quickly, Mom was settled back at the table, as if nothing had happened-with all of us sitting there- mouths hanging open in shock!  She was so cool about her "Broom Moment"-simply brushed it off by saying "Well, I bet those Cats never show up at my Door Again!"  It is one for the books-and gives me a loving chuckle for this Moms Day.  

Thank goodness we only have two cats here on our farm and I don't see myself bringing the "Broom Swing" back into action. That one was a classic and belongs to my Mom.  So as this Mothers Day approaches, I look toward the Heavens, giving thanks for these two Women-who touched my life in so many ways.

Yes- I am a Mother too.  I pray God be with all Moms on this Special Weekend.  martha


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your two moms, Martha! Loved the stories. I'm so glad you have such fond memories, for it's those memories that help us get by, don't they?

    I pray peace to your soul, dear Martha, this Mother's Day. And whether you know it or not, you are a mother figure to many in this world! God bless you!

    Go out for breakfast!

    1. Diane-
      God bless you-we were sitting around, discussing WHAT to do that day. You gave me the answer we needed.

      Wow-me a Mother Figure-now remember my late night version of COFFEE!!!

      You touched my heart today dear friend. I needed this one.

      Blessings to you and all my love, Martha

  2. Happy Mothers' Day, Martha..... to you Mom and Grandmom in heaven too!

    Bless you and may He touch you in a special way this Moms' Day Weekend too as you bring all the Moms in the world up to the Lord's throne.

    God bless us Moms All over the world and the COF moms.

    1. Lolita-
      so dear of you to remember all the Moms and especially, the COF MOMS. I think they are a unique blend of Moms.

      Thank you for the loving thoughts dear lady. I think you are pretty special and so filled with love for others.

      God bless. Martha

  3. Lovely post, Martha. I always love hearing true stories of people who have shaped our lives. Thanks for mentioning too the women who have never had the opportunity to be moms, dreams unfulfilled. I usually don't do much on mother's day anymore... since my mom is gone... and it can be a day when I'm too centered on all I have never had in that way. Everywhere you go, people assuming you are a mom, wishing you a happy mom's day... But this year I decided to focus on lifting up the women who have made a difference in my life,too. I love the picture of your mom in law with the open bible, praying. I love to pray words of scripture like Ephesians 3:14 -20... Paul wrote some beautiful prayers that inspire. Thanks for sharing these stories. Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. Thank you Pam for the caring words. Sometimes I wish there was not such a strong emphasis on Mother's Day and Father's Day-because so many people carry loads of Pain that surround these days. Yet-I also know how much the Two special women I wrote about impacted my life. It feels at times as if they are "peeking" over my shoulder as I lay my words out on the blogging pages-and my prayer is they are pleased I took this leap of Faith and decided to talk about my Chronic Pain-sharing it with others, praying there might be a word or two that will help someone understand, they are not alone.

    I pray you had a good Mom's Day. God bless! Martha