Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Surfing the Internet~~Learning about C5/C6 Neck Disc!!!

 With our high-tech world today--finding information on any subject  is a few simple key strokes away and we stumble into a  'Pandora's box" of data and suddenly we are in over-load mode!     There were lots of "success stories" and I found a big list of  "symptoms" which helped me understand why I am having these strange new Aches and Pains.

Then I stumbled  across page after page of "nightmare stories" where people had tried every possible  procedure,  medicine, holistic treatments, surgery~~Nothing had worked for them and  their lives evolve  around PAIN every single  day.   

My husband  saw me pushing the OFF button of  my computer and sitting with a blank  stare~~he knew something was up--"So have  you been researching tonight?"   I just looked at him and said "Big Mistake to search about my Neck--BIG Mistake!"

Silence  filled the space between us~~~my husband waited patiently for me to find my way--- I slowly looked up  and said~~

"Lord---please help me, please give me the strength and courage to get through the Pain!"

I knew "where" to search for my answer...........

I pray for all the people who are suffering with Pain...... You are not alone........    martha


  1. Martha, I don't know why but I cannot get your blog to come up the usual ways. Finally I followed a story you posted on Inspirational Stories to you blog home and here I am saying I have missed you.

    We were gone for half of January and after returning home we begin to look for a place to move to. They sold our condo so here comes another move. Ace may have found one today, one bedroom for a thousand dollars a month...that's in a Senior citizen apartments. We know for now we are suppose to stay here in this expensive place. Wanted to share a blessing...our prodigal son has come home to the Father from the pig pen. He and his ex wife are working on putting their marriage back together and will soon be getting married after some counseling. Everytime I think of this I want to fall on my face and cry...God never stopped working in Jared heart even though often we could not see any results. It's only by faith we believed if Jared was his God would draw him back. Of course Jared tells us now he has been resisting the Lord for a while knowing along he needed to come back to Him. I plan a blog post as soon as this move is over but for now I just wanted to say, thank you for praying for Jared. I continue to pray for the relationship with your son, for a mending of it. Hope this finds you with some relief from your pain. Love Betty

  2. Betty--
    I am so sorry this blog site of mine has been acting up lately.... I made my "visual" changes and maybe I hit a wrong button--I have a great computer friend and will ask her to check this out for me,. I am blogging a bit more lately--but the NECK is causing me a ton of misery..... No surgery can be done. I am a poor candidate for surgery--always get some type of infection and so this is it. Having some injections done on it and hoping to have the nerves Burned--it is very painful to have done--but does give me relief for an extended period.....

    I am thrilled for your SON---what a blessing for them to "HONOR" their vows---the Lord will bless them over and over..... Thank you for the prayers for our son-- he chose a path to walk that takes him so far away from the LORD--all i can do is pray for him to find his way back to a faith-filled life.

    Matt & I take life a day at a time--and do our best to stay on the Path our LORD wants us on...

    Love you my dear friend!!