Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Famous quotes on Sciatic Pain~~~

William Shakespeare
*Google Web Search*

During my long ago high school days, I competed in Poetry Speaking Contests and much research needed to be done on Poets such as Shakespeare-it was exciting to read his work and yet I wondered
 "Now what was this man actually saying?"

Now let me Fast Forward about 40 years (ouch-that one is a reality touch) and here I sit, having been up again with my lovely Sciatic Pain-waking me from sleep at 4:00am today-and to the Computer I went, as numerous websites rolled past me-all relating to Chronic Pain & Sciatica, when I suddenly saw Two Quotes:

"How Now, which of your Hips has the most profound Sciatica?"
1st Gentleman(Measure to Measure, Act. 1, Sc. 2,1) Shakespeare

"Thou Cold Sciatica, cripple our Senators, that their Limbs may halt as lamely as their Manners"
1564, Shakespeare

So how would such a famous Poet know about Sciatica Pain? He described the physical location of the body and even dared to cast it toward Senators-giving a vivid image of Sciatic Pain crippling them.
Now the urge to search for other Famous People who have suffered with Sciatica was pushing me forward as my fingers flew over the keys-suddenly another quote:

"Laughter is the Tonic, the Relief, the Surcease for Pain"
Charlie Chaplin

 a brief history followed about Chaplin, stating Sciatica Pain was most likely the reason He
walked in such awkward manner-yet for all who have seen  images of Chaplin and his walk, laughter
comes quickly as we wonder "how did he manage that walk?" Physical suffering hidden
behind a false smile-Chaplin delighted us all, but very few had a clue as to his suffering.
I was ready to close my computer-lack of sleep causing words to blur together-when one
more quote appeared on my screen:

"How Short a Step it is from Joy to Pain"
Victor Hugo

This one stopped me in my tracks-I shut the computer down, and let the words flow through me.  My mind went back to that dreaded day-I could see careful steps being made as I found my way up the Tree, and
within seconds, all the Joy I had known was gone~~ Pain now took its place beside me.

But God had one more quote for me today:
Pain Won't Beat Me
martha herden

my own Motto-given to me by God during some of my darkest moments of walking this path of Pain.
I put them on a board to hang above my Computer Screen, serving to remind me of how I must
continue this Path-and Real Assurance hits me as my eyes settle upon my Bible nearby.  Thats why I
decided to "borrow" the words of Victor Hugo and turn them around-just for today:

"How Short a Step it is from Pain to Joy!"

God's loving Grace has brought me this far, and I will keep looking past the Pain, so my heart will be filled with a moment of Joy.  After all-its just a short Step~~~~~~~

God bless all who suffer on this day with Pain.


  1. God bless you. We often pray in our prayer group for people who suffer..people whose pain we cannot feel. we have been praying for you this whole time!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    hope you have a good day today.

    1. Hello momto8blog~~~
      First let me offer my sincere THANKS for your prayers! I am grateful for the reminder that people are Praying-and God does hear every prayer that is offered up to HIM from our Hearts!

      I appreciate your dropping in to my blog-my one goal in doing this blog is simple~~if just ONE word of my journey with Chronic Pain touches another-thats plenty for me. Chronic Pain is a nightmare Journey to walk through-but with God and Prayers, we can find our way.

      I did take a "Peek" at your blog site-very interesting!!

      Please know you are welcome to drop by anytime.

      God bless you always. Martha