Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Message from a young "Tree Climber!"

We never  know when the chance will arrive for  a "Message" to come our  way~~~giving us a few seconds to turn our brains OFF and allow our EARS to  hear words coming.

It happened to me a  few  days ago as I was shopping and stood at the Checkout Counter.   As the years  have  passed, people  see me with a  walking cane-someone will say "You are  too Young for  one of  those!  What happened  to you?"

I have learned to be brief with my story-"Well  I  fell out of a Tree about 18 years ago, landed Too  hard on my Behind, messed up my Sciatic  Nerve, my Leg hurts  ALL  the time, and the  leg feels  Weak and I use the Cane to help me keep  from falling."

No matter how  many times I say it--everyone around me grows quiet!   I wonder what they are  thinking--as I  hear  a  question "Why were you in a tree?"  My answer is  fast--"I  was cutting a Limb down, but  never  thought  I would have  such a Bad  Fall." 

Silence  lingered-- and suddenly a young voice emerged from the line of shoppers and was standing beside  me.   He looked  up at me, lifting his  arm for  me to see it  wrapped  in a Heavy Cast.  His  words  hit home--"Heh- I broke my Arm when I fell out of  a  tree--boy it  really did hurt!"   

My heart was doing flip-flops~~~knowing how bad his  fall could  have  been-- giving Silent thanks that all he had ended with was this broken arm. But He had more to say---"I  heard you tell that  lady about how you Fell  out of a Tree--does you Leg really hurt All  the  Time?"    

I pushed the Tears down inside me--feeling the need to  answer  this child with honesty.   "Well, yes--you did hear me right--my Leg does  hurt All  the  Time.  You were very lucky to only break  your  arm."
He paused---as if he were storing my words  into his mental memory bank~~~ and he said "Lady--I am Sorry you got  hurt!"

Genuine concern from one so young--he started  to  walk  away, glancing back at me with each step  he  took--I  knew  it was time  for just a few more  words~~~"Heh--how about  we  make a promise  with each other?"   His eyes  grew large--"Yeh---thats  okay!"    I  leaned down and said  "How  about we  both promise to NOT climb a  Tree again?"   His  beautiful face broke  into a  huge  grin for  a second--then he grew silent,  I knew  he  was taking our conversation to  heart.

Almost in exact unison-our words  blended together---"We  promise  to never  Climb up a Tree  again!"    I kept smiling  as  he walked  away,  holding his Mom's  hand and turned to Wave at me.    

This "Message" will  stay in my heart  forever.........  


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Can We make Changes?

Sounds like  such an easy thing to do~~change our hairstyle, change the Furniture arrangement, Change how we Dress, Change our Computer  layout~~the list goes on.  But what happens when we are faced with Changes that pulls  at our heart?

Today I received an email from a dear  friend--with heart-breaking news of two wonderful women we both know well are now battling against the C word----CANCER.   One has faced Cancer before~~it arrived in her life like a  Major Storm, attacking her body non-stop.   The Community bonded together~~PRAYER started and never stopped--it felt as if a special Team of  Love  wrapped around her.  We all "Changed"~~~~our Friend having Changed the most!

The other friend is facing Cancer~~just  after  she had to  face  major life Changes~~~~a marriage ending, new-found Love bringing a joyful  Change for a heart so deserving of Love.   Now Cancer has marched in~ She must face Changes never dreamed of--I already can feel  the Community bonding again-PRAYERS from our hearts for Both of these  Women....

Can We  make Changes?  Yes-because  it can fly into our lives  and  leave  us feeling as if everything has been turned upside  down.  There are no simple answers---except one that I turn to with Hope---

Tonight I will PRAY for these two amazing women--asking God to  wrap them both in HIS loving embrace.   


Saturday, October 26, 2013

What can we do when Nothing makes Pain go Away?

 Its different for each person who lives with Pain~~~meaning we all have our "Pain Habits" in which we reach out to, a way of Wrapping our  Pain up  and hoping against hope  it will simply  go away!
The list of "Comfort items" can go like this~~ Heating Pads everywhere, Special Pillow, our Favorite Comforter/Quilt to keep us warm, a cup of Steaming Hot  Tea, and Favorite old Shows from years ago that we have recorded on our TV, and last but not least--pajamas or Sweat Shirt that top off  our list of needed items for hopeful  Pain relief.

I have my regular  routine of  getting comfortable  when Pain is  throbbing and its definitely a  way of letting people know--"I need to just slip  away today, so please let me sit and do nothing at all."  Yes  all of  these  things serve to help comfort me when I am hurting~~~but as I go through the roughest moments of Pain--I am PRAYING!  Sometimes all I can say is "Help  Me Please"   and my  words grow in desperation as I  find the words  coming out  during the long dark hours of the night--"Please God,  Please  help me get through this."   

Before I  know it, time  has passed and the Pain has settled down to a slow hum--but I know there will be  more rough nights ahead~~~it seems to just go with the territory.    I just looked out the window~~Seems like another Weather System is coming in!   Best  go  gather all my "Comfort Items" up and settle in for the evening.

I pray for HIS loving hand to hold me up.   As the words flow from my lips, I feel a "peace" settle  round me,  and I know this too shall pass.    


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finding moments of Freedom from Pain~

Okay-let me make it simple~~~you have to hunt HARD to find moments of  relief from non-stop Pain.   Its not an easy thing to do~~people get fed up with hearing my complaints and it  gets worse as my Bad  mood grows from having one day stacked  upon another day as Pain Sits parked in my butt, legs and feet......

It is exhausting to have constant Pain----all I want is for the Pain to STOP!!   Cease and desist for a while so  I can recall what it did feel like to NOT hurt all the time. So many things will cause Pain levels to rise~~~extra Stress, lack of Sleep, Weather Changes,~~~~sometimes it feels like the Pain comes marching in for no reason at all......

I  do not find many moments of Freedom from Pain~~~~no matter how hard I try to make it go away.  So I keep taking a deep breath of air, square my shoulders and keep fighting back against this wicked foe.    Thats not Freedom--nope, thats what I call HARD work..

Time to pray--asking God to please bring relief to all the areas of my body that are screaming for help.   HE hears me, I know that is certain.

Hanging in, hanging on and Hoping.....martha

Please watch over all the people who are hurting and hoping for Freedom from their Pain.....

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going Back in time~~~

Dripping Springs Drill Team Captain

Well I must travel back in time to remember there was a day when I really could "Kick" my Leg almost over my head!  It was a fun time and we all thought our Team was the best!   

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Who can we reach out to for Help?

Weather changes can be a nightmare for people who suffer with daily Chronic Pain.  As the Barometric Pressure rises--Pain levels rise and we suffer as the Storm approaches.   Who can we reach out to for help as we battle the Pain?  Each person has their own way of coping with Pain~~at times all one can do is Pray for the morning light to arrive.

For me the answer  for help has always been Prayer....

I pray for all who are suffering.  martha

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pain Talk---SHTICK style!!!!

My Inner SHTICK--
created by Veronica Anderson

Its been such joy to  meet Veronica Anderson--and to see her amazing talents.   She has a  way of listening to a person and with the flick of  her creative  hand~~I get to see ME in a different light.  Lets see--I  told her my Leg feels like its on FIRE  most of the time, shared with her that I can be on the Stubborn side at times, oh yes--and I have a habit of putting my hands on my  hips  when I am getting ready to make a strong Point about something.   I would say this young lady got it right!

Veronica has given me something very special--a Fun way  to  look at Pain--even if its just for  a  few minutes~~its a blessing to LAUGH about my Burning Leg and then face the Pain with my heart feeling lighter.    

I send up a  special "Prayer of  Thanks"  for Veronica!  
Martha Herden

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Wonderful Place to Rest my Hand~~~~~~

I can rest my heart and find Comfort in HIS word......

 What a precious Gift HE gave.....