Monday, September 16, 2013


You never know when the time is coming~~~suddenly it happens and you are begging for a  place to hide---so you can Open Mouth and Insert Foot!   I went to Physical  Therapy last  week-new location, staff seems to be caring and yet behind those  smiles are Task Masters that I    feel the urge  to "Run away-fast" before the Work begins.   

Oh how I would love to say my FIRST day was a  huge  success---not the case for this  gal.   One obvious reason is 18 years  of Pain--hard to  know where  to start,  but  my  Therapist suggested   Gentle Stretching---I rolled my eyes to  give her  a look  that said "Are you  SERIOUS?"   Stepping slowly toward me- she gave a look and said clearly "YES" and  I knew--time to work.  

My leg was throbbing,  back was hurting--thank goodness my Task Master was keeping a  very close  eye  on me, as she reminded me "See if you can keep that Leg straight"  as I collapsed  from exhaustion! My eyes were searching the room to find another person who might be struggling like me.  I noticed another man working hard---stretching, weights-geez, I just  had to find out  what brought him to Physical Therapy.   

"So, what are you in here for?"   He gave me a look--I could feel warning bells going off as he slowly said  "Oh I had a Stroke!" I  managed a  weak  "Oh" and  that was it!   I wanted to hide  under the table~~~so I  could quickly 

                                                  OPEN MOUTH &  INSERT  FOOT!!!!!

Hanging in---Holding on---Looking UP....



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nothing like Kindness!!!

I  was taught from a young age--be Kind to  others  and the lesson seems to  have stayed  with me through the years.    Its the simple acts  of  Kindness  that seem to mean the  most~~~taking a moment to Thank a young cashier  for having  a polite attitude, making sure  to  hold the door  open for  those  coming behind you~ young  or  old--it does  not matter.  

Yesterday at my Pain Doctor's office~~~there  was a  brief  moment of  'Silly Kindness"--best way I can put it.   The office  had been filling up  as we  patiently waited  for  the Doctor  to  arrive.  The door  opened, and a young assistant called out Three names~~~yes mine was  one  of  them, we all rushed  to  the door and realized  how FAST we got  through the  door.   It was  like somebody had  turned  on the "Remember  Kindness Light" as we  looked  at each other--almost unsure if we should walk  into the next room.    I  had to speak---"Heh, we  better  get into our little  rooms quick---it  doesn't  matter Who got through the door  first!"   Laughter filled the  room---it was glorious!   Nothing  like  Kindness!

Try a bit of Kindness---it does help..


Monday, September 9, 2013

My Day Begins!

Most people are sleeping peacefully in their beds---but not me, Pain shook me out of bed, telling me "Wake Up Sleepy Head--this is your Happy Day!"  As my eyes open, it hits me, I will be seeing my Pain Management Doctor this morning~~~oh yes it is a special day, and some Relief of Pain is within my grasp!

The average person would not be jumping with joy at the thought of laying on a table-face down, knowing a Doctor is getting ready to inject their Neck with a Needle~~~or any part of the body for that matter!  Yet here is the key~~~Chronic Pain has its way of "removing" that Average Person Feeling--as it dumps in a load of Pain that will have you begging for help!

Its time to get ready---as I can "see" the line forming~others who are also in need of Pain Relief and  patiently take their place, easing their aching body into a chair as they Wait to go through the door and lay am aching body down on the table.  

I whisper a prayer of hope for all who must walk this pain-filled journey.............


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Okay-Let's Talk Pain~~~~~

                                                        "Have You Got a Minute to talk?

Most of the time my conversation about Pain is  simple~~~~I am MISERABLE!!  Its too hard for a list of words  to be formed--all I can do is find my chair and fall into it~~praying I can get through the next few minutes so  I can pull  this day together.   Year after year  of Pain has taken its toll on my body~~some days all I  want  to  do is CRY--fear grows that I  might not be  able  to Stop.   Does this sound familiar?   Other days come and I stay quiet~~~giving myself  time  to reflect on this Tough Battle I  wage  each day---and finally those days come when I seem to be having a Verbal attack against Pain---not much comes from that.....

So--Here is my few minutes to just  let it  all out~~

I HATE hurting so much--seems  like the Pain has  grabbed  all  my bones and breaks them, over and over!  It takes Forever to start my day moving~~~PAIN demands I collapse in my chair, and not move.  My husband speaks a gentle "Morning"~~~He  sees the  Pain~~that hurts more than anything!!

Where did I go?  Why do  I feel so Old?   How will I get through this Pain?    Can I  handle this and avoid Surgery?    Would Surgery really help?   Why did I do something so silly and climb up that Tree so long ago?    How do people  really look at  me  now?    What can I do to  help my husband  not be  so worried  about me?  

There you have it---a NICE  rambling of  frustration~~~no purpose in filling each sentence  full  with Curse words!   For me--this journey with Chronic Pain is something  I will be working at each day~~~I pray for courage and extra strength~~~maybe I  can learn to let the Tears come more often---have to wait on that one.    If you feel  like sharing--please know you are welcome to drop by and have a PAIN CHAT....    Sounds like  Such Fun!!   Thats  the hardest  Part---there is NO fun in Pain---so please  know I pray for you and hope you will say ONE prayer  for  me.

Thanks  for listening!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Words from my Dad~~~

Calvert  Herbert Combs~~my Dad's full name but most called him "Bud"--his level of education stopped after the 8th grade as he was needed on their farm to help with the work.  His precious Mom left them too early and it was obvious how huge the loss was for him.  He was a man of few words, but spoke Volumes at times~~~ "Life Lessons" came out and they have stayed with me.  Now my Physical Pain grows,  I long to hear his voice---Suddenly it hits me, the Lesson I need has come rushing back~~ a soft feeling settles in my heart, as if his voice is nearby,

                       "Daughter-- its time you slowed down to remember what I told you"

  "A day will come when you think there is no way you can handle the Pain anymore~~I want you to Stop and Look around~~~You Will  see another person who is suffering Ten times worse than you are! Make sure to thank the Lord for all HE has blessed you with~~ and make sure to say a Prayer for those who are Hurting worse than you will ever know."

A few words-giving me everything ~~Stop,  Look around,  Give Thanks, and Pray.

Thank you Daddy!
I love you  and please say HI to Moma!