Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Other Side of Holidays~~~

Christmas is probably the biggest Holiday of the Year~~lets face it, Promotions start in September as stores start showing all the Glitter and Shine, and when we see these "early Christmas signs" I would swear there comes a collective "How will I get through this Holiday?"

People start to worry about the costs of gifts-money they might not have, children they will let down if that "perfect Tree with tons of Gifts" is not waiting on Christmas morning--while  family relations are churning all around them.

 Christmas brings a load of emotions toward us~~~Bells Ringing, Christmas Carols sung non-stop, the struggle  through shopping lines, watching the cash register soaring upwards, stopping to wait for that "fast Credit Card Swipe" bringing more worry while nervous  Store Clerks say a  "Happy Holidays" greeting,  hoping the customer will just move on and not insist on saying "Merry Christmas!"  Why should a clerk live in fear of  losing their job by saying those  two words, "Merry Christmas?"

Worry, anger, sadness, frustration, helplessness--the list sadly goes on as to the range of emotions flying around as this holiday rapidly approaches us.  There is no magic cure--people must find their way through this time, and the statistics of Violence around this time of  year are rising at an alarming rate.  

What can be done to change the "Commercial Christmas?"  Its not that easy but there is a way to start~~~PRAYER.  Remember the Christmas story~~a BABY was born in a manger, surrounded by animals, shepherds stood still, Three Wise Men arrived with Gifts for the child.  They called him  Jesus...................

May your Christmas find moments of Peace.  God bless everyone.  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Finding Something to Enjoy....

Cold weather comes and I keep thinking---is there any place  to  hide from the Pain that comes with these  crazy weather changes?   The answer comes swift--no place to hide, just have to ride it out and wait for the Sunshine to peek its beautiful rays out again.   

Who feels like doing anything when your body is throbbing with Pain that simply will not stop hurting?   I can rise quickly to anger-snapping at my husband for no reason, apologizing over and over for being so irritable.   During the past few months we have both talked about how I need a 
"New Project" to occupy my mind as  I cope  with the ups  and downs of Chronic Pain.   

I verbally agreed with him but silently thought "Give it a rest!  Nothing is going to help my mood  right now, Nothing!"   Its the rut we can all slide into---Pain rising and falling with the Weather, having LONG nights like the one I am having now~~~Sleep seems to hide, I search for something to do besides sit and watch the television (after 2:00am--not much to see on the screen)  and so I reach for my computer keys--hoping the words will help.   

Then I stop and pray~~ "Lord  I thank you for all the blessings you send my way!   If you don't mind, I could  really use some HELP  right now with this miserable Leg Pain!"   I know my prayers are heard--I must find patience for the answer.......

So how would I know there was something just  around the corner that could bring me some wonderful Joy---we had lunch today at one of our Special places to eat--meaning its so much more than a restaurant!   There is a theatre upstairs for out of town Musicians to display their talents, an Art Studio at the end for both young and old artists to learn the joy of putting brush to canvas and see what comes to life!   

Today the latest addition almost seemed to "Have my Name on the door" as  I glanced  to see a sign that  read "Textile Studio" ~~something pushed me to go take a look.  My husband was lingering behind, telling me over and over "I don't think this part is opened yet.  Lets wait for another  day to see it" but I never heard his words.  As I stepped into the Studio--it was like a huge Pandora's box of Wall to Wall Fabrics  greeted me!   The  Shelving ran from the floor to the ceiling (very old building--walls are 12 feet high or more)  and I could not take my eyes away from this glorious arrangement of Fabrics!  

Quilts made by others hung in various display--I kept walking and whispered to my husband "Have you ever seen anything like this?"   He wasn't  taking in all the beauty I was seeing--but instead  was standing in silent awe as his wife suddenly was like a young girl--having discovered a beautiful treasure!   A clerk approached me and began explaining how the store was designed and let me know there would be an upcoming Class on learning how to Quilt!

I could not fill the  paperwork  out fast enough--as I knew this was  a place I wanted to see over and over again!  As we got home, my husband told me "You were like a little Girl--I haven't seen that much excitement in you for  a  long time!"   

The classes will start soon and I will be there~~~loving every moment of being surrounded by so much beauty!  Wish me Luck on my First Quilt!

God please be with all the people who are suffering with Pain--bring them comfort!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The "new" Blog Look!

I look at my "New" blog design and it hits me as to why this choice~~the background images reflect Age-the walls are old and show a lot of "wear & tear."  Photos hanging on the wall, showing images of a very different era,  the "Crank Phone" image transports me back to being a very young girl, watching my Grandma giving the phone a few turns, reaching her friends and talking for hours. 

In many ways I feel like  the aged Walls~~~my body carries a ton of aches and pain.   Here I am in the dark of night--while others sleep, I am typing away,  trying to put my frustration with Pain into  words and not having much success with it.

Lately I seem to have a rough edge all around me~~like the old wallpaper,  the wear and tear of a long battle with Pain is showing on me.  I can't erase the awful day when I fell out of a Tree--no changing that fact, instead I must keep tugging at "my bootstraps" and keep moving down the road of life.

Yes, the old walls are a reflection for me as I continue on~~Joy is still out there, just waiting for me to find it.  I refuse to give up...........

God bless all who are suffering.  You are not alone.    

Monday, December 2, 2013

I just can't Decide!

Martha at Five Years old

All dressed up and happy about my Birthday cake~~but my problem was which Candle to start blowing out First!   As I look back, that seems like such a simple issue--I recall how Proud I was to be in my Brand New Dress  Moma had been working hard on so it would be ready for this day!   

Now I fast forward many years later and here I sit, "experimenting" with my BlogDesign--making changes so fast that I can't keep up with them!  One will look fantastic, the next one results in leaving me feeling like  I am in desperate need of  "Design Web Page  for Dummies" book!  

I see other Blog sites and think "Wow,  how did they do that?"  Suddenly it hits me--I can change my Blog look every single day, but  the most important issue is what I share in words.   When I start writing~~for whatever reason, the words come and I let them flow.   Nope-I  am not the best writer in the world--I write from my heart and that will never change.  

Perhaps  that is the key~~~~I am trying to be technical in designing a New Blog look--time to open my heart and see what happens!    Thanks for being patient.......

God Bless.  

Chronic Pain~~~a Silent Thief

I have a dear friend who suffers with Chronic Pain~~He amazes me with his Silent Dignity in the face of Pain that could easily take the strongest person to the ground.  I can tell how he is doing simply by the sound of  his voice and my heart aches for what he must  endure each day.

Chronic Pain has taken so much from him--simple physical activity  he once cherished  is now changed, each move he takes  is careful and deliberate.  The last  thing he needs is any further  injury to his aching Body.   We check on each other, pray for each other, and lift  each other up in spirit by simple encouraging words "We can Do This~~yes, We Can Get through this Bout of Pain!"   

Tonight I felt Pain approaching my body~~silent, steady--just like a Thief in the Dark.   No place to  run or hide--just ride it out and pray for the Pain to release its grip!  

There are good days for my friend, and for me and countless others who suffer with Chronic Pain, and we give thanks to God for those days!  Its nice when the "Silent Thief" takes a break from our  Pain-weary Bodies.

Last night I prayed  hard for my friend, and asked God for a bit of help for me too!   Its okay to ask HIM for assistance~~HE  knows my Prayers  before the words leave my lips!

I am eternally Thankful for HIS loving Grace..........martha