Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Surfing the Internet~~Learning about C5/C6 Neck Disc!!!

 With our high-tech world today--finding information on any subject  is a few simple key strokes away and we stumble into a  'Pandora's box" of data and suddenly we are in over-load mode!     There were lots of "success stories" and I found a big list of  "symptoms" which helped me understand why I am having these strange new Aches and Pains.

Then I stumbled  across page after page of "nightmare stories" where people had tried every possible  procedure,  medicine, holistic treatments, surgery~~Nothing had worked for them and  their lives evolve  around PAIN every single  day.   

My husband  saw me pushing the OFF button of  my computer and sitting with a blank  stare~~he knew something was up--"So have  you been researching tonight?"   I just looked at him and said "Big Mistake to search about my Neck--BIG Mistake!"

Silence  filled the space between us~~~my husband waited patiently for me to find my way--- I slowly looked up  and said~~

"Lord---please help me, please give me the strength and courage to get through the Pain!"

I knew "where" to search for my answer...........

I pray for all the people who are suffering with Pain...... You are not alone........    martha

Monday, January 27, 2014

Here we come again!

Time for another Neck Injection today~~~we arrive at Clinic in the dark of morning- pick  out  a  good seat and the doors keep opening,  one after another is coming for relief of their  Pain. We find our seats and wait for our turn  to go through the doors leading to the Procedure Area.

The people who work at a Pain Clinic seem to all have a set of "invisible Angel Wings" as they treat all with an extra load of kindness, concern, dignity and Hope~~~as we each are rolled away for our time with the Needle, you can feel them saying a silent word of Prayer for each of us, hoping the next time  they see us--perhaps the Pain will not be so bad.

Even as we are rolled out of  the facility to our waiting loved  ones--we are  sent away with a good  wish "Hope you feel better soon!"   

We all hope to Feel better 'Soon."


Thursday, January 23, 2014

A sleepless Night~~~

I can hear the steady ticking of my Grandma's old  Mantle Clock~~the half  hour  sound gongs as I recall how  aged the clock  is--over 75 years  of ticking, only needing  the required Winding  every eight days.   It  was  a delight to watch my Granny slowly wind it  up-and I dreamed there might come a day when the Clock would  belong  to me!    

Yet  I never dreamed how comforting the ticking sound would become as I find myself sitting here in the wee hours  of  the morning--my husband sleeping peacefully and I am waiting for the next major Weather change--PAIN is barking at me, legs  and feet are aching--Neck  is  starting to get my attention---nothing to do but wait.

I could get Angry and inwardly Rage about Pain~~been there, done it and the results  are never Good!  Pain dictates my life  in many ways~~~at first  I  fought the changes  like a  Tiger--but years of battling against Pain has taught Hard lessons, and I  am fully aware of the respect  I  must  grudgingly give to this Pain.

The Clock ticks away and I know~~God is here with me, giving me gentle assurance of  HIS love! 

I know there are others who are hurting--Pain has pulled them from needed Sleep and they walk the floor, wishing Pain would  just go  away.   HE is with them too.   


Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Pain stopped me Cold!!

I haven't posted  on my blog for  a while  now~~~sadly the reason is  More  Chronic Pain came into my life and it did stop me Cold!   The words have felt "Stuck" inside me~~normally I would be frustrated about this and push myself to  find the words, but the New Pain is  literally a Pain in the Neck and it hurts  a hundred times more than my usual Sciatica Pain that stays with me every single day.

So here I am--back at my Blog and trying to get "Going'  again~~as this New Pain hangs around, I  am learning new lessons about coping with More Pain in my life~~things like its okay to give myself permission to relax more, have less stress, don't fret so much!

Its not easy to struggle  with more  Pain in my Life---but I look around me and know that I am very blessed in so many ways~~and this is what helps  me to keep pushing, don't let Pain be the only thing about me.

Wow~~I did it!!  God be with each of you and know you are in my prayers...