Sunday, May 26, 2013

I needed a SHTICK!!

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I have held onto this "Gift" from Veronica/the creator of to find the right moment to share it, and finally decided it was more important to explain the WHY of my latest Shtick images.  If anyone would have told me "Your SHTICK--the one who stands on the rock~~is getting ready to be hit with flames of Pain that will take you to the ground" I would shake my head and say "Nah--the leg and back pain is enough" ~~~well life does not always meet our expectations and I have been hit with a brand new challenge--Neck Pain!

This new Pain has turned me into a person who has to stick my arm out in a sudden rush of protection when someone is starting to Hug me~~~all I can do is say "Please don't touch my Neck, Please!"  People back away quickly, I am trying to explain my reaction--its exhausting, frustrating, and makes me very sad at times!

A Hug can be healing, comforting~~serving to remind us that people do care about us, and now I am forced to back away from hugs.  One night after a wicked battle of feeling like my entire body was on fire--I had a dream~~ SHTICK drama~~~full force all the way!  My strong SHTICK was looking down at this 
sad flaming SHTICK-beaten to the ground by Pain, curled up and looking very un-SHTICK like!

The strong SHTICK knew how to help the Burning SHTICK find her way back~~it was just within her reach~~ the HAMMER~~~as the Flames grew, she could "Feel" the strong SHTICK nearby, yelling words of help "Grab that Hammer~~you can do it~~we will get through the Flames together!"

The next morning after this rather unusual dream, I emailed Veronica--giving her a description of my dream and asking for one more SHTICK~~~and she came through for me!  I will always feel her hand being guided by a much Stronger Power~~~who has filled this woman with a talent that brings comfort to so many.

So its one day at a time, taking each wave of Pain as it comes.  My SHTICKS hang on the wall above my computer~~~and I bless the day forever in having met Veronica.  

God bless all who must suffer with Pain--you are not alone.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stepping Away from my Pain---to help my Friend

I have a dear friend----who is definitely my Pain pal--Charlie!!  He has suffered with Chronic Pain for years--suffering longer than I can imagine and handles his Pain with a silent Grace that humbles me each time I see him.  As time goes by, we have learned our Pain areas  are very similiar~~Neck, shoulders, back, leg, feet~~~~a Friendship forged by Pain and Care for each other.

As our Friendship grew-we made a promise to Pray for each other~~we both face days and nights where Pain rules our bodies and all we can do is hang on, pray for relief and count the hours as we wait for the morning Sun to peek  through the curtains. 

Major storms hit last night--hundreds of miles from our area~~but Charlie knew weather was coming long before it ever  hit the ground.  Suddenly I knew~~~my friend was suffering, and my fingers stumbling as I dialed their home--- hearing his wife's voice, "Are you miserable?"  Sure I was  miserable but Charlie was worse--her voice spoke volumes~~~when suddenly she stopped talking and told me "I will call  you soon!" 

My heart raced in fear for Charlie, and  I started praying, asking The Lord to stand with Charlie, and
also prayed for Mary-Mother of Jesus to also help Charlie.  Minutes ticked by-feeling like hours  before my phone rang and Charlie's wife told me "Its okay--Charlie went from  horrendous Pain to a sudden, peaceful Slumber in his chair."

We help each other--lifting the other one up  when it feels like we can't  take another second of pounding Pain.   I knew my friend needed  Prayers  and so I stepped  away from my Pain to help. 
Charlie has done the same for me~~~~~a prayerful Pain pal to have.

God be with all who walk the journey of physical Pain--my prayers are with you.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

'Can you live like this?"

A question poised to me by my Pain Management Doctor~~~as we discussed my NECK issues and me being open to possible Surgery.  She had to ask the tough question--after all she is my doctor and sees me at her office and the massive Sack of PAIN is attached to ne,  I try to put myself in her shoes for a few seconds~~Doctors want to Heal their patients, hoping to see us back on the road to recovery and living life to its fullest. 

Each time I  see my Doctor--a thought will hit  me "I must be a very Bitter Pill for her to Swallow" after   sixteen years of  treating me for Chronic Pain  and realizing my moments of Relief  will not last long and we will see each other again,  Its an eye-opener for me when the phone rings on a Sunday Afternoon and the voice on the other end of the line is my Doctor~~~wanting to know how I am feeling.

We have a honest discussion-me putting all my Pain cards on the table and after much discussion, we both know its not going to help much for a New Shuffle---but she does amaze me as I mention reading about some new treatment prospects.  Its a back and forth talk and I know she is hearing every single word I  say---not because of feeling obligated to listen--but she listens with a heart that cares deeply for all of her patients.

We arrive back to that hard question"Can you live like this?"  My answer comes quick---"Yes--I can do this, I can live with Pain each day and night" as I know life is precious and I will always push forward to find some brief moments of joy.  After I hang the phone up---I look upward and say words that Are heard~~~~"This is going to be a Rough Ride---please help me get through this!" 

You can live with Pain--I am proof  of someone who does it and there is an ocean of Pain Faces across this world who are doing the same thing each day.   You are Not alone.   

God bless. Martha

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How can I get away from the Pain???

Pain can rob so much of you--meaning the person who  had the freedom of laughter,  joy, easy to move around,  dancing~~~the list is too  long and hurts as I realize the changes Pain keeps bringing my  way.   

I haven't blogged  lately--because of Pain!!  Yes the one thing I write about, fight with, have moments of success~~~feeling like I just might be normal again---all slides away lately because of the latest Pain in my life~~the Neck!!    

All these many years of  dealing with leg, hip and back  Pain---it seemed like I had things in order~~until the Neck started screaming for my attention and everything has become scrambled as I wake each day feeling like a truck ran over me.   

Now I am in the process of  having a Laser Procedure done to burn the nerves  in my Neck--praying I can avoid surgery,  get some  relief  from the Pain and keep moving forward. 

I am grabbing for my fighting words "PAIN WON'T BEAT ME"  with one hand and reaching out for
HIS hand~~~~thats all I  can do now.  But I have  Hope.

God be with all who are suffering with Pain--please help them in their darkest  moments.