Friday, November 29, 2013

Oops-I skipped Black Friday Shopping!

Yes its true~~I skipped the biggest shopping day of the year--Black Friday!   As I watched the mid-day news and saw people "brawling" over those "can't  live without Bargains" all I could think was-"Well one  good Shove and I would be on the Ground!"

Why do people get into a physical battle over a small discount on an item?   Do  they truly think a real Bargain is waiting for them?   Maybe its the challenge  of waiting in line for hours, in freezing weather, not thinking about getting a Cold--nothing matters except getting that Bargain  deal.

Shopping is  something I would like to do in a  peaceful manner--but that  usually does not happen!  Black Friday would  be  impossible for me to do  because of the lovely Pain that  follows  me around, day and night.  It hurts to stand for too long a time,  and sitting down--well that is out of the picture.   Things change in life--just that  simple, whether its learning how to live  with Pain,   or a major life event--we either adjust  with the change or  stay in one major struggle.

Life is precious and for this old gal--I  can skip  Black Friday shopping!  Besides I know all the stores are packed  with Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!   Too much, too fast,  and way too Soon.

Take care and hope you find a moment  of simple  Joy.    

Blessings,  Martha

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving~~~stirring the Memory Pot.........

I have been away from my Blog~~wish I could say it was something big that took me away from my writing but its not.  Doubts and fear surfaced and I needed time to sort everything out.   Perhaps one thing I needed to learn was to give myself permission in taking a day or  two or three weeks off from writing.   The break has helped and I realized just how very much I miss sharing my thoughts and life with others--its very important to me as I share my journey of living with chronic pain--always hoping I can be of help to others  who must walk this wicked path.  

There are so many things I am truly thankful for  at this  Thanksgiving~~~I thank God for giving me the strength each day to get up and move~~~keep moving and looking for some Joy, regardless of how bad the Pain gets.  Don't get me wrong~~~there are many days when I simply can't do much, and this is when I really Learn to respect  this Pain--my body needs rest and its okay to  "be lazy" when these days arrive.  I am beyond thankful for my  amazing Husband~~~who stands with me,  helps  me through the tough times, holds me during the Sad times, laughs with me at things that seem Funny just to us!  

So how did Thanksgiving "Stir the Memory Pot" so easily?   Simple~~~memories of so many times with family and friends who have passed on.  Remembering my First Thanksgiving as a married woman and having my parents there to enjoy the meal with us.  Thank goodness I managed to cook the Turkey and dressing---recalling our son chewing on a huge Turkey leg as a very young toddler~~pausing on that memory, sadness rising and the realization of knowing this is our life now and we cherish it  just the way it  is.  

We  used a  lot of Pots  today--each  one managed to  bring another memory to the surface and there was much laughter today, as we remembered  that long ago time when it was just the two of us and that was all  we needed.  Today as we prayed before our meal, we felt "our loved ones" watching over us and realized there will always be a "Stirring of the Memory Pot" at times of holidays.   I pray your
Thanksgiving day was peaceful and  happy.  

Thanks for following my Blog and I pray you will drop  in and read my words again.   Martha

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Don't Quit~~

Words  I have  whispered~~clinging to them as Struggles in Life have come my way, I speak them with strong Assurance--a verbal  challenge within me as the words fly  from me~~
"I Don't Quit!"

Where do the words come from?   My Answer is simple--Everything I am,  all the Blessings given to me throughout  my Life come directly from God.   HE  is  my constant Light I  reach for in the darkest  hours  of my  Battle with Pain.   HE shows me Joy in each day  as  I  walk  the path of Life with my "Best Blessing"~~my dear  Husband!  
I  am assured by Faith--knowing God  will never Quit, HIS  love is Constant......
HE is the MASTER  of my LIFE.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Something always happens!

My Dentist must be convinced I am running scared from having more work done on my old Choppers~~not the case in this instance!  Stress has its way of flying at us and at the time, we are so convinced of our coping skills~~but while our minds are in a whirlwind of handling Stress~~the Body is on another course that we are not aware of-Yet!

Just when I finally came up with a solution to the main Stress issue~~Bam!!  I woke up realizing my Body was not the same~~Stress was now screaming at me via my Body and it seems every piece of me hurts.  It dawned on me that during this latest run with Stress~~Food had lost its meaning and my body was letting me know-loud and clear.  I quickly fixed a breakfast fit for a Queen-buttered Biscuits, Fresh Scrambled Eggs, hot Tea and Two Large Glasses of Water.  Within the hour my body began to relax~~as if were saying to me~~ "Okay--now how many times have we been through this together?"  My head hung low--"Too many times--I know, yes I know my mistake!"

Instead of simply looking to the Heavens and saying "Here Lord--this is Too much for me to handle!"  No--I fooled myself into a mess of physical Pain, and will NOT do it again.  Thats when I feel like the Lord says "Oh Martha, Martha--why do you worry so much?"  HE is right.......

Time for Lunch!  I will see my Dentist in two weeks.............

God help us to remember how easy it can be to simply LET GO..............  martha