Thursday, January 23, 2014

A sleepless Night~~~

I can hear the steady ticking of my Grandma's old  Mantle Clock~~the half  hour  sound gongs as I recall how  aged the clock  is--over 75 years  of ticking, only needing  the required Winding  every eight days.   It  was  a delight to watch my Granny slowly wind it  up-and I dreamed there might come a day when the Clock would  belong  to me!    

Yet  I never dreamed how comforting the ticking sound would become as I find myself sitting here in the wee hours  of  the morning--my husband sleeping peacefully and I am waiting for the next major Weather change--PAIN is barking at me, legs  and feet are aching--Neck  is  starting to get my attention---nothing to do but wait.

I could get Angry and inwardly Rage about Pain~~been there, done it and the results  are never Good!  Pain dictates my life  in many ways~~~at first  I  fought the changes  like a  Tiger--but years of battling against Pain has taught Hard lessons, and I  am fully aware of the respect  I  must  grudgingly give to this Pain.

The Clock ticks away and I know~~God is here with me, giving me gentle assurance of  HIS love! 

I know there are others who are hurting--Pain has pulled them from needed Sleep and they walk the floor, wishing Pain would  just go  away.   HE is with them too.   



  1. Martha…
    What an awesome word picture of how very deep your dependence, in faith, is growing. "The Clock ticks away and I know~~God is here with me, giving me gentle assurance of HIS love!" I love this…

    1. Judi-
      Some might think "where could there be a connection with an old Clock and FAITH?" The words just came to me and filled my heart on that long night with PAIN. Thank you Judi.... As the worst days of PAIN come roaring into my life --I am learning over and over again to REACH for HIS hand of LOVE~~~the glory is I don't have to reach that far!!!