Monday, January 27, 2014

Here we come again!

Time for another Neck Injection today~~~we arrive at Clinic in the dark of morning- pick  out  a  good seat and the doors keep opening,  one after another is coming for relief of their  Pain. We find our seats and wait for our turn  to go through the doors leading to the Procedure Area.

The people who work at a Pain Clinic seem to all have a set of "invisible Angel Wings" as they treat all with an extra load of kindness, concern, dignity and Hope~~~as we each are rolled away for our time with the Needle, you can feel them saying a silent word of Prayer for each of us, hoping the next time  they see us--perhaps the Pain will not be so bad.

Even as we are rolled out of  the facility to our waiting loved  ones--we are  sent away with a good  wish "Hope you feel better soon!"   

We all hope to Feel better 'Soon."


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