Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Other Side of Holidays~~~

Christmas is probably the biggest Holiday of the Year~~lets face it, Promotions start in September as stores start showing all the Glitter and Shine, and when we see these "early Christmas signs" I would swear there comes a collective "How will I get through this Holiday?"

People start to worry about the costs of gifts-money they might not have, children they will let down if that "perfect Tree with tons of Gifts" is not waiting on Christmas morning--while  family relations are churning all around them.

 Christmas brings a load of emotions toward us~~~Bells Ringing, Christmas Carols sung non-stop, the struggle  through shopping lines, watching the cash register soaring upwards, stopping to wait for that "fast Credit Card Swipe" bringing more worry while nervous  Store Clerks say a  "Happy Holidays" greeting,  hoping the customer will just move on and not insist on saying "Merry Christmas!"  Why should a clerk live in fear of  losing their job by saying those  two words, "Merry Christmas?"

Worry, anger, sadness, frustration, helplessness--the list sadly goes on as to the range of emotions flying around as this holiday rapidly approaches us.  There is no magic cure--people must find their way through this time, and the statistics of Violence around this time of  year are rising at an alarming rate.  

What can be done to change the "Commercial Christmas?"  Its not that easy but there is a way to start~~~PRAYER.  Remember the Christmas story~~a BABY was born in a manger, surrounded by animals, shepherds stood still, Three Wise Men arrived with Gifts for the child.  They called him  Jesus...................

May your Christmas find moments of Peace.  God bless everyone.  


  1. A belated Merry Christmas Martha. I took a short break from the internet, it was wonderful. Can't sleep tonight so catching up on the post I usually read. I am glad Christmas is over, ready to get back to "normal" living without having to think about gifts, money, food and all that goes with it. Enjoy our grand children, our son a brother in law who spend Christmas day with us. Miss our daughter and family, my Mom, rest of family. Thought about you and how much it must hurt to not be connected with your son during the holidays. Thank God you are connected to the Perfect Son. Love you friend.

  2. So good to hear from you Betty!
    I have been away from my blog too~~~have been dealing with a hefty load of "Weather Changes Pain" and having to simply STOP and take care of Me. We had lots of folks who invited us to spend the Big day with them, but we said a polite "No Thank You" and spent the day together, relaxing and watching old Black/White Movies..

    Yes-those long ago memories do have their way of creeping in--but I do know Prayers are heard and I have let go--he is with God..... There are so many families in deep emotional Pain who struggle to get through Holidays~~and I can't imagine how deep their pain goes.. We made it to Midnight Mass and treasured being in HIS House and thanking HIM for all our blessings! You are a huge blessing in my life Betty~~~and I love you!!!! martha

  3. Sorry to hear your pain level is up. I have been struggling a bit more due to some cholesterol meds they gave me. It kicked the fibermyaligia up to a 10 so every thing I did took so much effort. Glad you made it to church. Looking for some relief in 2014...going to try a pain doctor and maybe try a chiropractor again. Trying to stay off of meds they have wicked side affects. It's dangerous for me to write when I take them, I write things that don't make sense. Talking is even worst sometimes. I have a new doctor due to an insurance change, she is young, not sure how this will work. She ask me what did I need for her to know about me. I said listen to what I say, I have lived a long time in this body and I know it better then anyone. We'll see. have you connected with Diane at all? Wonder if she is home from Nashville? Thought a lot about her during the holidays. Stay connected to Him.

  4. Betty-
    I am so proud of the words you shared with this new doctor! Being younger might help--your words were wonderful! There is another "comment" that took me a LONG time to find--but once I used it--the result was amazing!! I simply ask the Doctor whenever a NEW procedure/Medication is being urged my way--"WELL--HAVE YOU HAD THIS DONE TO YOUR BODY?" The first time I did this was when I was being prepped for a Breast Biopsy and a WIRE was being inserted into me~~~I was so scared, not knowing what might lay ahead and I swear the Doctor stopped in his tracks and said 'Well NO-i am not a woman!" I saw nurses go Beat RED and then I introduced him to my idea for a "Man Exam" and told him~~~"How can you tell a patient something will NOT hurt them if you have never experienced it?"

    He stood very silent--and told me something I will never forget---"I have never had anybody say this to me! You have opened my eyes to how serious WORDS can be. I will never say that phrase to another patient, and I truly THANK YOU!"

    My heart aches for all you must go through and it is very un-nerving to start over with a new Doctor. Something tells me you will be able to truly help this young Doctor learn of the importance of"Listening from the Heart" and i pray things will get better. I haven't heard from Diane--wanted to give her space and I will be reaching out to her..... WHY?????? Yes my dear friend--I will stay connected to HIM.

    My prayers and blessings for you and the you, martha

  5. Stopped by to see if you had written anything on New Years. I thought about you as I wrote my post know I had to face chronic pains such as yours would take out any excitement over a New Year starting. I am having a little relief since I went off the cholestrial meds..they kicked my pain up to past a 10. Going to see the doctor the first of the year for what they call a wellness checkup. For sure i have a list of questions for them...just wondering about going to a pain doctor. It does help to know I have friends who will pray for me as I face the New Year...know you are prayed for too. Love Betty

    1. Betty--
      You are a loving woman-filled with HIS grace and care for all those around you!! I have had a wicked Holiday time with Pain commanding just about all of me. Yes trying to find a tiny amount of Joy was almost impossible but my dear Matt & myself made decisions to camp it here at home and just be together!

      We talked a lot about how our first years of marriage started out with just the two of us and how much we simply enjoyed being with each other-not requiring a lot! It was wonderful to reflect on how time has passed and our Love for each other is always here. Matt has to see me suffering with Pain each day and I worry about how hard this is for him. He always reminds me "Well, if it was the other way around--you would be doing the same for me, probably a lot more!" I am blessed dear Betty--and you are a huge part of my blessings! i love you, martha